Welcome to our 2022 Online Wedding Music Fair.
Previously we have held live music fairs. We held them in the chapel with these same musicians, and they were lovely, but we could get only about 2/3 of our couples there. Obviously, most do not live in the Barrington area and finding an evening that fit everyone’s schedule was difficult.

The pandemic forced us to rethink the strategy completely, so I decided to try this online version. If you are using this page starting in April 2022, you are seeing this for the first time, and of course, I would be interested in your feedback, especially as it relates to its mission, which is to make it possible for you to plan the music for a sacramental service on your own.

My help is always available. My office number is on both PDFs on the webpage, on the stannebarrington.org website, and in the Clarion, our Sunday bulletin. To email me, click here

Thank you for giving this a try. Our music team is ready to make a memorable celebration for your wedding day.

Rory Cooney
Director of Liturgy and Music
Saint Anne Catholic Community